Medical Health Physics Part III (Oral Exam)

The oral examination is conducted by a multi-member examination panel and is designed to determine the candidate’s knowledge and fitness to practice in a clinical environment.  In general, questions will seek to determine the candidate’s practical experience as well as his/her understanding of current radiation protection standards.  Whereas through Parts I and II we test the candidate’s level of knowledge, the goal of this examination is to determine whether this knowledge can be applied correctly and effectively in a hospital setting.

During the oral examination the candidate will be asked by the panel members to demonstrate understanding of the following 9 topics (the same as those listed for the Part II written exam):

  1. Instrumentation
  2. Laboratory Design
  3. Standards and Regulations
  4. Structural Shielding
  5. Radiation Oncology
  6. Diagnostic Imaging
  7. Nuclear Medicine (molecular imaging)
  8. Radiation Biology
  9. Non-ionizing Radiation

Sample Questions

1.  What elements would you present in a plan to deal with a teletherapy Co-60 source or HDR source (your choice) that will not automatically retract and continues to irradiate a patient.

2.    What specification would you require from (a) the architect and (b) the linear accelerator manufacture before beginning a therapy shielding design.

3.    A radiation worker 3 months pregnant is given a lumbar spine series. You are asked to calculate fetal dose.  What facts would you like to know from the Radiology Department before beginning your calculations?  How would you communicate your results?

Note 1: You should make an effort to see as many different QC procedures as practical in various areas.  You are responsible for expert knowledge in all medical radiation safety areas regardless of your past and present employment.

Note 2:  If you have not done so before, it is worthwhile to borrow a blueprint of a diagnostic room and a therapy vault and calculate the shielding requirements.