2023 Recertification Form (FILLABLE) – Please fill out this form, save as a PDF file and email it, along with your supporting documentation (CAMPEP transcript, etc.) back to the ABMP at  Otherwise, you can fill out the majority of the form online, but you may have to print, physically sign, scan in as PDF and email to the ABMP (or mail by USPS).

Form on Professional Ethics – The directors of the ABMP voted in October 2018 to adopt a Policy on Professional Ethics. Although not a requirement for recertification, it is our hope that you will choose to indicate your agreement with this policy by initializing each statement and returning this form to the ABMP.

Information about Recertification

The American Board of Medical Physics recognizes the importance of continuing professional development and awards certification on a time limited basis. Continuing Education (CE or CME) is defined as “educational activities that serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance and relationships that a professional uses to provide services for patients, the public, or the profession.”  When you complete a Category 1 CE activity you should make sure your attendance has been logged with CAMPEP (preferable), or obtain a certificate of completion from the activity’s sponsor, if the meeting has not been registered with CAMPEP. 

Effective January 1, 2014, recertification by the ABMP requires at least 125 continuing education credits (CEC’s) every five years. This requirement is consistent with requirements of other certifying bodies. The 125 CE credits may be met by a combination of Category 1 continuing education credits and Category 2 continuing education credits, although the application for recertification must contain at least 65 Category 1 credits, and can contain a maximum of 60 Category 2 credits.

TERM: The initial ABMP certification will be for 5 years and must be renewed every 5 years thereafter in order to maintain certification. If your recertification application is not received with appropriate CEC’s and supporting documents, you will be removed from the list of duly certified diplomates.

Information For those ABMP Diplomates holding LoCE from the American Board of Radiology (ABR)

Those ABMP diplomates who received a Letter of Certification Equivalence (LoCE) from the American Board of Radiology (ABR), prior to December 31, 2002, are not required to participate in the ABR Maintenance of Certification program, as long as they maintain their ABMP certification.  You may request additional LoCEs from the ABR, by submitting to the ABR your request, along with a copy of your current ABMP recertification letter, to . If you have any other questions, you may contact the American Board of Radiology directly at (520) 790-2900, or at .


The following fees are now in effect for recertification

  1. Recertification Fee (now through Jan 31, 2024)……………………………………..$ 580 by check or Bill-pay   OR   $600 by PayPal*
  2. Recertification fee + late fee (Feb 1, 2024 – April 1, 2024)……………………….$ 725 by check or Bill-pay   OR   $750 by PayPal*
  3. Reinstatement of EXPIRED certification (or after April 1, 2024)………………..$ 865 by check or Bill-pay   OR  $895 by PayPal*
2023 Recertification fee + PayPal Charge

Note for our Diplomates certified in Multiple Specialties

Effective January 1, 2017, for diplomates who are certified in multiple specialties by the ABMP, the following scenario may be implemented in order to meet the minimum 125 continuing education credits PER sub-specialty (keeping in mind that, for each sub-specialty, the diplomate must earn a minimum of 65 Category 1 CEC’s pertaining, in general, to the sub-specialty for which the recertification application is submitted)

  • EXAMPLE: The diplomate, John, is doubly-certified in Medical Health Physics (received in 2020) and in MRI Physics (2023).  When he applies for Recertification in Medical Health Physics (MHP) in 2024, he submits a CAMPEP transcript with at least 65 Category 1 CEC’s pertaining to medical health physics and general medical physics (earned in the period 2020-2024), plus a maximum of 60 Category 2 CEC’s he earned through service on an AAPM committee, poster presentations, and reading technical articles (earned in the period 2020-2024).  In 2027, he consider his application for Recertification in MRI Physics. It MUST contain a minimum of 65 Category 1 CEC’s pertaining to MRI physics and unique general medical physics (earned in the period 2023-2027). However, for the residual “Cat 2” CEC’s (maximum of 60 hours), these can either consist of a) the Category 1 CEC’s submitted the MHP application, but only for the period 2023-2027, and/or b) the same Category 2 CEC’s submitted for the MHP application, but only for the period 2023-2027.

Category 1 Credits

At least 65 of the 125 required CE credits must be of the type “Category 1”. In order for an activity to be designated for Category 1 credit it must be planned by an accredited CE provider. Category 1 credits can be obtained during attendance at National and or Local Meetings of organizations such as AAPM, HPS, ISMRM, SNMMI, ACR, ASTRO, NCRP, ICRP, RSNA, etc. These are formally planned meetings that include documentation of acceptable needs assessment, learning objectives, educational design, an evaluation method, and disclosure. Attendance at these meetings must be registered and documented with CAMPEP in order for the CEC’s to be listed on the CAMPEP transcript.

Additional Category 1 activities include lectures and meetings in which learners are physically or remotely present and “Enduring Materials” – CE activities based on recorded or published content (i.e., printed materials, CD-ROMs, audio CDs, DVDs, Internet presentations). Some organizations such as AAPM have online learning centers that allow diplomates to obtain Category 1 credits for successfully passing quizzes associated with informational sources such as journal articles, presentations, task group reports, and other publications.

If attendance is not documented with CAMPEP, then a Certificate of Attendance must be submitted, which shows:

  • the name of the Diplomate
  • the date of the presentation
  • the category of credit (must be “Cat 1”; “Cat A” material can be submitted for Category 2 credit only)
  • the number of Continuing Education Credits received

Additional Category 1 requirements for MRI Physics for Radiation Therapy diplomates:

  • Diplomates in the sub-specialty area must demonstrate the minimum 65 Cat 1 hours for their primary specialty, plus a minimum additional 10 Cat 1 hours specific to the sub-specialty “MRI Physics for Radiation Therapy”.
  • These sub-specialty specific Cat 1 credits must be earned at a rate of at least 2 credits per year.

Category 2 Credits

No more than 60 of the 125 CE credits required can be Category 2 credits. These are “self-assessment” credits and include informally planned activities such as practice-based self-study, consultations with colleagues, teaching, conferences, journal clubs, in-service presentations, books or chapters read or published and journal articles read or published. Credits can also be obtained for technical committee memberships and vendor sponsored educational classes. In order to simplify the assignment of Category 2 CE credits to publications and some other activities, please use the table below for both information and requirements for submission.

This is a change from the previous requirement where each application for Recertification required a minimum of 125 continuing education credits, that could not be common to another application. Hopefully this clarification both lessens the burden on our multiply-certified diplomates, and encourages them to seek continuing education requirements consistent with their certification(s).  If you have any questions, please contact the Executive Director.

Category 2 Credit List Credits Required Documentation
Publication of technical article; peer reviewed; meets IndexMedicus/Medline criteria. All material must berelevant to Medical Physics, Medical Health Physics, MRI Science or Radiation Biology. For each article, author cannot combine multiple types of authorship (you cannot claim 10 credits as 1st author AND 10 credits as corresponding author.) Maximum in any one category is 30 credits per year; maximum number of Cat 2 hours submitted per application is 60 total.
1st author 15 Copy of 1st page of article
2nd author 10 Copy of 1st page of article
Corresponding author 10 Copy of 1st page of article
All other authors 3 Copy of 1st page of article
Original textbook (30/# of Authors x number of Pages)/100 Copy of title page and copyright page
Chapter in original textbook 12 Copy of title page, chapter and copyright page
Revision of original textbook (20/# of Authors x number of Pages)/100 Copy of title page and copyright page
Revision of chapter(s) in textbook 4ea Copy of title page, chapter(s) and copyright page
Paper presented at professionalmtg 8 Copy of listing from meeting agenda
Poster presentation at nationalmtg 8 Copy of listing from meeting agenda
Lecture prep for college course (1st yr only) 10 Copy official course listing
National or State technical committee membership 4 per yr Copy of official committee listing
International technical committee membership 6 per yr Copy of official committee listing
Approved Editorial Service (eff. 1/1/2017) 1 credit per hour (max 10 hrs) Copy of Journal's Editorial Board
Vendor sponsored educational classes 1 credit per hr Copy of certificate of attendance – hrs specified
In-service lecture(s) given – various topics 1 credit per hour Copy of lecture topic & intended audience & length of talk
Technical article(s) and or book chapter(s) read 0.5 each Self attestation (Maximum 10 per year)