About the American Board of Medical Physics

Established in 1987, The American Board of Medical Physics certifies physicists and related scientists to practice clinical medical physics and perform research on human subjects.

Certificates are issued to candidates who have demonstrated their knowledge and proficiency by successfully completing comprehensive written and oral examinations. Currently, two primary certificates are offered in the field of radiological sciences:  Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics and Medical Health Physics.  In 2021, the ABMP started offering a secondary certificate in the specialty, MRI Physics for Radiation Therapy. Originally, the ABMP certified medical physicists in the traditional disciplines of Radiation Therapy Physics and Diagnostic Imaging Physics but by agreement with the American Board of Radiology in 2001 the ABMP discontinued new examinations in these two sub-disciplines. The last certificates for these sub-disciplines were awarded in 2005.

The ABMP also has ongoing programs for the maintenance of certification in Radiation Therapy Physics, Diagnostic Imaging Physics, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics and Medical Health Physics.

Throughout its history, the ABMP has adopted and discontinued certain certification programs in response to technological and professional demands as it works in partnership with the American Board of Radiology and the rest of the professional medical physics community.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics

The ABMP tests the candidate’s experience and practical knowledge in the areas of MRI theory, technology, clinical magnetic resonance methodologies and safe MRI practice.

MRI for Radiation Therapy

This secondary certification is offered to Qualified Medical Physicists who are already certified in MRI Physics, Diagnostic Imaging Physics, Radiation Therapy Physics, or other certification as confirmed by the Board of Directors. The purpose of this sub-specialty certification is evaluate the applicant’s knowledge of the principles of both MRI Physics and Radiation Therapy Physics as applied to the use of MRI in the Radiation Therapy department.

Medical Health Physics

The ABMP tests the candidate’s experience and practical knowledge in the area of current radiation protection standards and practices for both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. The certification in Medical Health Physics by the ABMP is recognized by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for RSO eligibility. Candidates who meet these standards will receive recognition on their diploma. Acceptable verification must be obtained from a Certified Medical Physicist and a Certified Physician who practices in a medical specialty related to the candidate’s field, and who have personal knowledge of the candidate’s training, experience, and ethical standing. See forms in Applicant Resources.

Maintenance of Certification

The recertification program allows diplomates of the ABMP to demonstrate that they are keeping current with modern technologies, methods and practice standards through recertification.